What We Offer


  • Software setup (for bookkeeping, basic reporting, payroll for w2, payroll for contractors (US and on-US based), expensing )

  • Sending invoices

  • Collecting money

  • Receiving invoices from vendors

  • Payment to vendors

  • Rebalance cash accounts (weekly) and ensure ok with taxes

  • Expensing properly

  • Issuing 1099s

  • Reports

    • A/R

    • A/P


Reports are updated once per week.

  • A/R

  • A/P

  • Financial Statements

  • Financial Forecasting

  • Utilization Reports

  • Per Project Profitability

  • Marketing Spend Analysis

  • Cost Analysis

  • Runway Analysis

  • Scenario Analysis

  • Cash Transaction Needs

  • Cash Collection Scorecard

  • KPI Dashboard

  • Sales and Marketing Scorecard

  • Expansion Revenue Report


What do the reports and numbers mean


  • How much should you charge?

  • Contract structure & payment terms

  • Pricing model / deal structure

  • Competitors and substitutes

  • Tax Strategy

  • Entity structure

  • Means of financing

  • Bank account structure

  • Debt vs equity financing

  • How to pay people outside the US

  • When to hire (full time vs contract)

  • How much to spend on marketing?

  • How much to spend on opex?

  • What should my gross margin be?

  • What should net margin be?

  • Decisions on cash management / cash flow management

Accounting & Taxes

  • Filing Taxes (quarterly estimates and yearly) - separate cost not included in monthly fee

  • Business

  • Personal

Personal Finance

  • How to manage your personal finances as an entrepreneur

  • What can you expense

  • How to run things through your business

  • Etc


We won’t just operate in a black box we’ll also help you improve your accounting and finance acumen so you can better run your business.