Polpo Finance
Polpo Finance
Financial Engineering for Agencies

Polpo Finance

We provide financial engineering services to help digital and creative agencies run more profitably and predictably.


Created by an Agency, for Agencies

We’re Not Your Average Accounting & Finance People

We know agencies, because we were spun out of one.

We deeply understand what it’s like to run and operate an agency. We’ve lived it since 2012. This is what makes us uniquely capable of offering this service.

Polpo Finance was spun out of a multi-million dollar agency called Jakt.

Our service was originally built in house at this agency and has helped it run profitably every year since it was founded in 2012.

When we realized how much this service could help other agencies, we decided to spin it out into it’s own company and offer the same services to other agencies.

By breaking it out into it’s own company we are able to provide the same level of service a multi-million dollar agency has at a fraction of the cost.

The offering we provide is the exact same offering used at Jakt over the years and exactly the same pricing structure Jakt pays for the service today.


Polpo Finance has been instrumental in helping Jakt hit it’s financial goals each year.
— Cody, President @ Jakt